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Brows Are Sisters Not Twins So Please STOP Shaping Them As If They Were Distant Relatives!

Brows are Sisters not twins stop treating them like distant relatives!

Jemima Khan  – Guilty of dividing and not ruling her brows

Wide brows were hip many moons ago reaching a pinnacle in the late  80’s early 90’s. This style of brow placement suited the fashions of the times. Think of TV shows like  ‘Dynasty’. The female cast were beautifully made up, with flamboyant glittery outfits, big hair, large shoulder pads and equally large spaces between their brows.

As an experienced Eyebrow Grooming Specialist I frequently get new clients that have been mislead by outdated beauty tips which advise for brows to start from the outer corner of each nostril. This ancient and incorrect technique creates brows that are harsh, aging and dated.

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies please stop trying to keep up with the the Joans…

photo (3)

The famously talented Joans (above) are examples of great beauties who all over plucked the space separating their brows. Ideally this gap should be no wider than the bridge of your nose. Unless you are intentionally aiming for a retro look avoid mimicking the Joans method as over time brows becoming more divided and displaced.

Incorrect Brow Placement

Over plucking in this way is not only unattractive and unflattering. It can eventually damage hair follicles. Ultimately changing the natural growth pattern.

However all is not lost, as I tell my clients. The first step is to get your brows back on track by making an appointment to see a trained brow professional. Who will remove hairs from the correct areas only (see Correct Brow Placement diagram below). The front of your brow should begin at the inner edge of your nostrils. On either side of the tip of your nose.

Correct Brow Placement

Once your shape has been redefined you will be able to recognize where hairs need to be allowed to grow back and where you should be removing them, while you are maintaining your brows between appointments.

During this period of regrowth, be patient and resist the temptation to give up. Don’t assume that your brows will never recover or at least be improved. It can taken between a month to a year (realistically) for brows to return. During this time you can literally fill in the gaps with the many wonderful brow beauty products currently on the market.

Here are a few recommendations from me The Mother Plucker  (Natalie Marshall).

Remember it’s all related, our brows are not arched enemies, forced to be 10 paces apart before a duel.

If you are still stuck for eyebrow inspiration. Love them or hate them, when it comes to brows you NEED to be keeping up with the Kardashians!

Sisters not Twins.

Keeping Up With The Kardashian' s Brows

Enhance to Enchant x

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