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Anti-Ageing Versus Pro-Ageing

The actress Julie Walter’s recently shared her pro-ageing thoughts on the celebrity obsession with face lifts ‘As people get older, they do this half-facelift stuff so they can pretend they haven’t had them! I think: don’t do it – be beautiful anyway.’

Julie Walters, Good House Keeping Interview, January 2015 Edition, written by Amy Lewis.

Actress Julie Walters - Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Actress Julie Walters a prime example of pro-ageing

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping magazine.

I couldn’t agree with Julie more, although I work in the beauty industry I strongly believe in aging gracefully. Rather than trying to STOP time to appear younger. Buying into products and treatments marketed with fictitious promises of reducing, masking or preventing signs of skin aging. We should be embracing pro-aging to illuminate our natural radiance by applying the following to our daily lives:

  • Educating ourselves on health and wellbeing
  • Regular exercise
  • A good diet
  • Protecting our skin from over exposure to the Sun
  • Healing and sustaining our bodies.
  • Practicing none permanent or intrusive grooming techniques
  • Last but not least learning to love ourselves.

Anti Aging Fails – Despite great demand for anti-aging products the majority of treatments have not been proven to give lasting or positive effects. Below are some examples of celebrities that appear to have tried to stop time with lotions, potions, harsh make up, fillers, surgery and who knows what else?

 Ghost Face Fillers 

The celebrities (above) may think their faces look ‘swell’ I do too! However not for the same reasons. It is more apt to describe their looks as bloated, puffy and shiny.  They all have slender physiques and contrasting large pillowy facial features. This does not produce the appearance of youthfulness or attractiveness.  Frankly they look like frightening ghoulish apparitions.

Pro-Aging Wins  – In contrast below are some examples of celebrities that appear to agree with Julie and indeed look radiant, healthy and their age, whatever that happens to be. There are no visible signs that they have tampered with their faces in an attempt to turn back time.

Being  Beautiful Anyway

I’m team Pro-aging all the way. I’m aware that I am not qualified to assess whether a person has definitely had facial surgery or fillers, therefore I can only speculate. You can decide for yourself. I also know that some cosmetic surgery tweaks are so good they cannot be detected. However this positive outcome is rare and does not sway my opinion. Please note: I am not grouping corrective surgery with cosmetic surgery.

Still not convinced? Study the contrasting Anti and Pro aging images (below) of celebrities born in the same year. These pictures cannot account for natural genetics but they do highlight the disappointing results of invasive anti-ageing treatments.

Line Free Skin Does Not Equal Younger Looking Skin 

Plastic is NOT Fantastic – Anti-aging products were once sold as cheaper alternatives to botox injections and plastic surgery, the latter only being available to celebrities and the wealthy. As the beauty industry grows invasive anti-aging treatments are becoming readily available to all, via convenient payment plans and competitively priced surgery holiday packages. However until the surgeons to the stars perfect their techniques, I (themotherplucker) would advise against intrusive anti aging treatments/ surgeries until results improve greatly.

Just as a couch potato will not gain a Crossfit student’s body. A face full of fillers will not miraculously over ride natural genetics or make time stand still.There are no successful long term quick fixes to stop signs of aging; we cannot anti-age. The term ‘anti-ageing’ is nonsensical. We CAN actively look after our bodies and minds to optimize on what we have, to look and feel our best..

Enhance to Enchant Nx

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Celebrity Doppelgangers – How To Duplicate Their Look

Facial Recognition and Seeing Double 

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by faces. When I meet someone for the first time I automatically scan their facial features and expressions.  I then visualize all the faces I have ever seen and place the new face into a category with others which are (to me) similar.

Below are two famous faces that automatically linked in my mind: 

 Juliette Binoche (left) and Julia Roberts (Right)

Juliette Binoche (left) and Julia Roberts (Right) Both women have similar bone structures. This is particularly evident in their facial proportions, noses and full lips. They also opt for natural makeup.

By using facial recognition in this way I recognize and remember names and faces. I create mental catalogues of people that look the same or have related characteristics regardless of race, gender or age.

Below are some more examples of how I view faces and partner people together:

Later in my life/career I found my skill to match faces to be an invaluable tool. I can look at a client and compare and contrast their face with others, automatically assessing what brow shape will be the most flattering, what shades of makeup/ tinting will be complimentary and of course in contrast what will not work so well.

Below is an example of how I compare and contrast faces and assess grooming techniques:

January Jones (left) and Danielle Harold (right) both have heart shaped faces & have used similar tones of makeup. However January's look is more flattering because her brows & groomed and she has  used less  Mascara

January Jones (left) and Danielle Harold (right) both have heart shaped faces & have used similar tones of makeup. However January’s look is more flattering because her brows are groomed, she has used less mascara and her hair colour is richer.

Optimum grooming is evident in most A list celebrities. On their journey to the top of their profession they have been provided with ultimate beauty regimes. Through trial, error, excellent stylists, hairdressers and makeup artistry. (And possibly some help from a surgeon) They are constantly groomed to look their best.

See example below: 

Kate Hudson (left) and Jennifer Lopez (right). Both look very similar and have been groomed to their optimum. Brows have been shaped and  match their hair shades. Neutral cosmetics have been used well.

Kate Hudson (left) and Jennifer Lopez (right). Both look very similar and have been groomed to their optimum. Brows have been shaped and match their hair shades. Neutral cosmetics have been used well.

I utilize this knowledge to enhance my client’s natural features by identifying who they resemble (this can be more than one person, famous or not). I refer to all the facial images I have stored in my mind and use my skills to provide bespoke beauty treatments, tailored for them and loosely influenced by their doppelgangers. Why try to reinvent the wheel? When we can benefit from a host of experts skills, tried and tested on a  similar canvas?

Now you can do this too! Rather than getting hung up on trying to follow every new fashion that is ‘supposed’ to fit all, explore timeless tried and tested beauty techniques used by well groomed role models that share your profile and features. I’m not advising you to steal people’s looks I’m suggesting that you get to know your face, recognize your facial traits in others and use what they have enhanced well to help you to celebrate your own beauty.

To help you get started on your facial journey of enlightenment, here’s some more of my celebrity Look-a-Likes selections, that I can’t get out of my head!

  • Take note how similar makeup, grooming and styling techniques are used.
  • Consider which contrasting images you prefer and why?
  • See if you can recognize yourself in any of the faces.
  • And then #Enhancetoenchant

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy! I’ll continue to add new pictures to this post

p.s let me know if you see what I see?

Enhance to Enchant Nx

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