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Celebrity Doppelgangers – How To Duplicate Their Look

Facial Recognition and Seeing Double 

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by faces. When I meet someone for the first time I automatically scan their facial features and expressions.  I then visualize all the faces I have ever seen and place the new face into a category with others which are (to me) similar.

Below are two famous faces that automatically linked in my mind: 

 Juliette Binoche (left) and Julia Roberts (Right)

Juliette Binoche (left) and Julia Roberts (Right) Both women have similar bone structures. This is particularly evident in their facial proportions, noses and full lips. They also opt for natural makeup.

By using facial recognition in this way I recognize and remember names and faces. I create mental catalogues of people that look the same or have related characteristics regardless of race, gender or age.

Below are some more examples of how I view faces and partner people together:

Later in my life/career I found my skill to match faces to be an invaluable tool. I can look at a client and compare and contrast their face with others, automatically assessing what brow shape will be the most flattering, what shades of makeup/ tinting will be complimentary and of course in contrast what will not work so well.

Below is an example of how I compare and contrast faces and assess grooming techniques:

January Jones (left) and Danielle Harold (right) both have heart shaped faces & have used similar tones of makeup. However January's look is more flattering because her brows & groomed and she has  used less  Mascara

January Jones (left) and Danielle Harold (right) both have heart shaped faces & have used similar tones of makeup. However January’s look is more flattering because her brows are groomed, she has used less mascara and her hair colour is richer.

Optimum grooming is evident in most A list celebrities. On their journey to the top of their profession they have been provided with ultimate beauty regimes. Through trial, error, excellent stylists, hairdressers and makeup artistry. (And possibly some help from a surgeon) They are constantly groomed to look their best.

See example below: 

Kate Hudson (left) and Jennifer Lopez (right). Both look very similar and have been groomed to their optimum. Brows have been shaped and  match their hair shades. Neutral cosmetics have been used well.

Kate Hudson (left) and Jennifer Lopez (right). Both look very similar and have been groomed to their optimum. Brows have been shaped and match their hair shades. Neutral cosmetics have been used well.

I utilize this knowledge to enhance my client’s natural features by identifying who they resemble (this can be more than one person, famous or not). I refer to all the facial images I have stored in my mind and use my skills to provide bespoke beauty treatments, tailored for them and loosely influenced by their doppelgangers. Why try to reinvent the wheel? When we can benefit from a host of experts skills, tried and tested on a  similar canvas?

Now you can do this too! Rather than getting hung up on trying to follow every new fashion that is ‘supposed’ to fit all, explore timeless tried and tested beauty techniques used by well groomed role models that share your profile and features. I’m not advising you to steal people’s looks I’m suggesting that you get to know your face, recognize your facial traits in others and use what they have enhanced well to help you to celebrate your own beauty.

To help you get started on your facial journey of enlightenment, here’s some more of my celebrity Look-a-Likes selections, that I can’t get out of my head!

  • Take note how similar makeup, grooming and styling techniques are used.
  • Consider which contrasting images you prefer and why?
  • See if you can recognize yourself in any of the faces.
  • And then #Enhancetoenchant

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy! I’ll continue to add new pictures to this post

p.s let me know if you see what I see?

Enhance to Enchant Nx

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When It Comes To Filling In Eyebrows, Unlike Clothes Less Is More!

I’d like to clarify that not all dark intense brows are no no’s. Naturally thick brows that have been groomed and shaped well will compliment the face.

Eyebrows are an important facial feature, they define, frame and open the eye area and help to emphasis a number of facial expressions. Ideally brows should be well maintained, balanced and not too thin.

Examples of natural full brows that have been maintained  to perfection

Examples of natural full brows that have been groomed to perfection.

A person with naturally sparse or fair brows that attempts to create the same full brow effect (as the fortunate beauties above) will struggle to replicate an authentic shape and texture. The results usually end up looking like the brows and mustache of the late great comedian Groucho Marx.

Take Groucho's advice and don't join this club!

Take Groucho’s advice and don’t join this club!

Brows Making A Statement For All The Wrong Reasons

I’m all for creativity however when filling in brows, be a little restrained and avoid drawing outside the natural lines! A heavy handed, over styled  dark brow is usually the result of an innocent novice over exaggerating their natural brow shape and shade. Applying too much product, creating sharp angular or harsh rounded brows. A look often sported by teenagers and the entrepreneur Katie Price.

Brows that have been over jealously filled in.  NOT following the natural shape, creating two completely unrelated shape.

Brows that have been over zealously filled in NOT following the natural shape, creating dark mismatched brows

The shade used by Katie above is too dark for her colouring (even with an intense tan). Each brow is also a completely different shape. Remember Brows Are Sisters Not Twins So Please STOP Shaping Them As If They Were Distant Relatives!

If you are guilty of creating black Lego brick shaped brows, stop using the items pictured below. They all have perfectly good uses but do not include brow enhancement. Plus they are seriously blackening your brow reputation!

Products that should NOT be used to enhance Eyebrows

Black listed items that should NOT be used to enhance Eyebrows

Getting the Right Intensity of Brow for You

  1. Make an appointment to see a Brow Professional. Let them know you are opting for a thicker brow. They will remove hairs from the correct areas only. The remaining hairs will be your natural stencil.
  2. If you have fair or fine brow hairs consider a Tint (a semi permanent dye specifically for brows and lashes) one or two shades darker than your natural colour to create a fuller looking brow.
  3. Use a Real Techniques Lash and Brow Groomer (a soft toothbrush will do) to brush brows. Regular use will train and shape brows.
  4. Select the type of product you plan to fill your brow in with. (seem my other post for suggestions) Select a shade either the same or a couple of shades darker than your brows.
  5. When using powder or wax products us an Tweezerman slanted Brow Brush to apply. Follow the direction of your natural hair growth. The shorter bristles of the brush should slant in the direction of your hair growth. A small amount of product will go a long way.
  6. When using an eyebrow pencil or wax pen make sure your tool is sharpened for precise application. Draw in fine hair strokes in any gaps, following the direction of natural hair growth. Enhance the groomed shape you have and resist the temptation to excessively alter your brow shape
  7. When both brows have been filled, stand back from the mirror and check that you are happy with their placement (Remember Sisters not Twins) and that each looks roughly the same colour and shape.
  8. Once you are happy use either your ring finger or eyebrow brush comb to slightly soften the edges of your brows and blend the product in seamlessly.  Your aim is to replicate real brows which are naturally slightly softer and lighter towards the bridge of the nose and tapered at the outer edges.
  9. Use a cotton bud to clean up any errors.

Mother Plucker Tips:

  • Brows must be tinted before any form of hair removal to avoid tinting products getting into open follicles. This will look unsightly and can cause irritation.
  • Dark brows can work with blond hair, however this does not work for all. Brows can also be lightened.
  • Black is very harsh tone for brows, when I’m working with dark haired clients I opt for dark Brown/grey products firsts before trying black.
  • Wax products will make brows appear much darker than the natural shade so use sparingly.

That’s all for now folks, if you have any questions on this post please post a comment.

More Eye Grooming, Beauty, Nail and & Wellbeing posts to come!

Enhance to Enchant x

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Brows Are Sisters Not Twins So Please STOP Shaping Them As If They Were Distant Relatives!

Brows are Sisters not twins stop treating them like distant relatives!

Jemima Khan  – Guilty of dividing and not ruling her brows

Wide brows were hip many moons ago reaching a pinnacle in the late  80’s early 90’s. This style of brow placement suited the fashions of the times. Think of TV shows like  ‘Dynasty’. The female cast were beautifully made up, with flamboyant glittery outfits, big hair, large shoulder pads and equally large spaces between their brows.

As an experienced Eyebrow Grooming Specialist I frequently get new clients that have been mislead by outdated beauty tips which advise for brows to start from the outer corner of each nostril. This ancient and incorrect technique creates brows that are harsh, aging and dated.

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies please stop trying to keep up with the the Joans…

photo (3)

The famously talented Joans (above) are examples of great beauties who all over plucked the space separating their brows. Ideally this gap should be no wider than the bridge of your nose. Unless you are intentionally aiming for a retro look avoid mimicking the Joans method as over time brows becoming more divided and displaced.

Incorrect Brow Placement

Over plucking in this way is not only unattractive and unflattering. It can eventually damage hair follicles. Ultimately changing the natural growth pattern.

However all is not lost, as I tell my clients. The first step is to get your brows back on track by making an appointment to see a trained brow professional. Who will remove hairs from the correct areas only (see Correct Brow Placement diagram below). The front of your brow should begin at the inner edge of your nostrils. On either side of the tip of your nose.

Correct Brow Placement

Once your shape has been redefined you will be able to recognize where hairs need to be allowed to grow back and where you should be removing them, while you are maintaining your brows between appointments.

During this period of regrowth, be patient and resist the temptation to give up. Don’t assume that your brows will never recover or at least be improved. It can taken between a month to a year (realistically) for brows to return. During this time you can literally fill in the gaps with the many wonderful brow beauty products currently on the market.

Here are a few recommendations from me The Mother Plucker  (Natalie Marshall).

Remember it’s all related, our brows are not arched enemies, forced to be 10 paces apart before a duel.

If you are still stuck for eyebrow inspiration. Love them or hate them, when it comes to brows you NEED to be keeping up with the Kardashians!

Sisters not Twins.

Keeping Up With The Kardashian' s Brows

Enhance to Enchant x

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